The last thing a manager wants is to have to complete a bundle of paperwork because a work associate got caustic soda in their eyes. Using dangerous goods in your winery is not worth the risk. It makes commercial sense to look after your employees, most of whom are work experienced and are valued by the winery and one of the most basic methods to do this is to ensure they aren't put into risky situations.

One of our goals here at AIRD is to encourage wineries to adopt the 'NonDangerous Winery' model.

We have a range of products that are not only more effective than their dangerous counterparts, they're nondangerous. That's definitely a winwin. 


Our products are designed specifically for the wine industry.

We know and understand what is important to you, that's your wine quality.

We know that your personnel make occasional mistakes with wine production. Because of our experience with the wine industry, we know our products are harmless to your wine, and you can be confident that small mistakes won't lead to expensive consequences.

The fact is that AIRD products don't taint. That's why our products are the safest hygiene products you can use on your winery equipment. 


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