Without the need for a citric rinse you are saving on average 200 litres of water per tank.  This adds up quick - 10 washes - 2000 litres, over a vintage this is a significant reduction to a winery waste water foot print.

Saving water makes a big difference, not only ethically but commercially.  AIRD products are designed to reduce processes, which means less rinsing, less washing, and more water savings.

AIRD Alkaline cleaning products are all designed to be re-used above a pH of 9 ensuring you get the most out of your cleaning solutions

Our products are suitable for use in grey-water recycling systems as they are highly biodegradable and don't contain any toxic additives.


Where possible, we design our products to be rapidly biodegradable.  Soil management is a long-term game, which is why we don't use amines, halogens, phosphates or silicates in any of our products.

We understand that soil quality is tantamount to fruit quality.  That's why we offer a range of products so that you can manage your effluent salt levels effectively.  

By varying the principal key cleaning agent, be that sodium or potassium you are able to take control of your waste water management, and ensure that your salt levels don't get out of hand.

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Our products are 100% effective.  We don't use fillers, and we never will.  The end result is that you will use less chemical to get the job done, and less chemicals used will always be better for mother nature.

Our products are designed with low chemical oxygen demand (COD) which means you won't be adding extra pollutants to your waste water.

We also supply multi-purpose and specialised hygiene products, that can reduce the number of processes you need to use in your hygiene regime.

One of our goals is to remove caustic soda from use in wineries.  It's dangerous, ineffective, and requires additional processes.  Say goodbye to citric rinses and say hello to better hygiene.


We source only the best raw materials from around the world and we don't compromise.  

Where possible we strive to obtain plant-derived, organically certified surfactants and raw materials, and we aim to meet the standards set by organic certification bodies.

If you have specific organic requirements, please get in touch with us to discuss the range of options we have for your hygiene needs.


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