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Time is money and one of the biggest cost centres in wineries is additional time spent rewashing tanks that have already been washed once.

Not only is rewashing inefficient it costs money!  Save your wages get the job done right the first time with AIRD cleaning agents, our proprietary surfactants combined with the free rinsing nature of our chemicals will ensure that your tanks are spick and span from the first wash. 


Our products are designed to minimise the number of processes required to get the job done. This means that a citric alkaline neutralising rinse will be a thing of the past.
Fewer processes means less materials consumed and less time spent on cleaning, which results in savings.

We are constantly refining our products so that they are more effective. Our goal is that cleaning should be simple, and shouldn't require hard manual labour, or additional washes because products don't work as they are supposed to.

This results in a reduction in labour time and transitions to lower HR cost. 

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One of our ideals here at AIRD is that of the 'NonDangerous Winery'.
OH&S cost is a burden to everyone. Not only that, when insurance companies hear “Dangerous Goods on site”, they think “more staff risk”, ‘injury potential”, “high premiums to cover the risk” Don't let the insurance companies get the better of you.

Make the switch to AIRD nondangerous cleaners and sanitisers. You'll reduce your insurance cost. 


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