Alepat Taylor

We are a multi-purpose operation in a suburban area, storing, blending and packaging wines and spirits as well as brewing ciders, producing sparkling wines by secondary fermentation, manufacturing and packaging liqueurs, RTD’s, soft drinks and waters.

We therefore have varied cleaning requirements as well as stringent environmental regulations. We have found our cleaning needs fulfilled by the Aird range of products.

We currently use Allegro as a caustic cleaner, neutralising and sanitising with PerCitra. Our cleaning checks and microbiological swab checks verify the effectiveness of this process and we find there is a great advantage in having liquid chemicals where hot water is not available. A mild solution of Allegro is also very effective for cleaning and de-colourising membrane and lenticular cartridge filters. PertCitra is very compatible with our product range and is odourless as well as that any residue will not notably affect the pH of a product.

We also utilise Destainex-LF as a general purpose cleaner for equipment, for brightening-up stainless steel, soak-cleaning stubborn stains on equipment, soaking laboratory glassware, removing mildew from tile grout and concrete and soaking wine-stained workwear.

Equipment that will or has not been used for some time, is treated to a recirculated rinse with Vinisan to effectively prevent or kill bacteria that may grow in residual moisture or pooled water. We also find a 1% solution excellent for storing and disinfecting membrane cartridges, especially those used for bacteria removal.

We have recently trialled and implemented the use of CitSanex as a disinfecting cleaner for lightly soiled equipment that has been used with products with high risk of bacterial contamination or growth such as ciders and juices. This is very effective in both cleaning and sanitising.

We have found that having access to the expertise of specialists in the cleaning field at Aird for our queries and development of cleaning procedures has saved us substantial time, stress and money.

The products are very effective in both performance and cost and being both totally Australian owned and made as well as environmentally-friendly have helped us maintain both plant sanitation and compliance with environmental regulations.

We would strongly recommend both the products and the industry expertise of Aird Chemistry.

Alepat Taylor