Oak Restorer® CW


Oak Restorer® CW


Oak Restorer® CW is a mid-pH cleaner that has been specially formulated to be gentle on oak surfaces whilst still providing a powerful clean that will not taint your wine.  It penetrates to remove fine solids within the porous would surface.  This cold water formulation is designed for those who do not have access to hot water for cleaning. 

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A cream-white, free-flowing, homogeneous blend of fine particulate solids of medium strength alkaline salts and proprietary FG surfactants.


Oak Restorer® CW in a cold water (<30 ºC) aqueous solution removes wine tartar, wine-colour film, protein and organic soil to completely clean internal oak surfaces and rinse cleanly.

Principal Features

  • Oak Restorer® has been proven to be non-tainting to wine and oak.
  • Supports WH&S.  Low VOC, no reactivity in water, no toxic vapour, non-dangerous good for transport and handling.
  • Readily solubilised in water.  Low chemical demand at 1-2% of water volume.
  • In testing, Oak Restorer® cleans more thoroughly, to a greater depth than the current accepted practice of hot water pressure washing.
  • Thoroughly cleans the internal contact surfaces extending the effective working life of oak storage vessels as wine maturation vessels.  Prospectively reduces spending on barrels.
  • Low to moderate foaming properties, non-corrosive to surfaces.
  • Rinses cleanly with potable water at ambient temperature.
  • Highly biodegradable (<30 days).
  • Lowest input cost per litre of wine processed when used in a barrel soak regime.

U.N. References

Class   Not applicable
Code    Not required


Food Codex FSANZ Standards
Meets requirements of HACCP Food Safety programmes
Meets DAFF/AQIS/OFA Schedule of Approved Materials for Organic Food Surface Sanitation 01/07/2009


15 kg carton of 3 x 5 kg LDPE bags


Appearance cream-white granular solid
pH 10.25 - 10.75 (1% w/v aqueous solution)
Odour low, detergent
Solubility in water to ~110 gm/L at 20 ºC
Flammability non-flammable
Other contains no GMO, phosphate, halogen, silicate, hydrocarbon or hydroxide substances