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Citsanex is a citric acid based detergent biocide that has been developed for use on stainless steel and associated surfaces.  It is a single process cleaner and sanitiser, which will minimise process steps and as with all AIRD products, it won't taint your wine.

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An acidic detergent liquid cleaning and sanitising agent.


A single process CIP product used in dilution with either ambient or hot water to clean and remove wine film, colour, protein and organic soils from internal surfaces of stainless steel and associated hard and flexible surfaces combined with microbe sanitising.

Principal Features

  • One process cleaning and sanitising.  Reduces labour, electricity, water cost inputs by ~50%.
  • Surface acid neutralisation not required.  Less chemical = cost savings.
  • Reduced corrosion from solution pH.  Lower maintenance costs.
  • Staff training for one product only = more productivity.
  • Citsanex is free-rinsing.  The result is cleaner surfaces.
  • Better WH&S as a non-dangerous product.  Low VOC for HACCP improvements.
  • Faster turnaround in bottling operations.  No risk of residual oxygen or acetic surfaces as in PAA.
  • Better environmental effluent with no odour, low COD.

U.N. References

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Food Codex FSANZ Standards
Global EPA, FDA approvals for the PHMB


15 kg carton of 3 x 5 kg HDPE bottles
200 kg drum


Appearance translucent, natural amber liquid
pH 3.25 - 4.0
Odour mild
Solubility in water, all proportions
Flammability non-flammable
BP 95-102 ºC
Other contains no GMO, phosphate, halogen compounds or silicate