You've cleaned the insides of your tanks, they're looking great.  'But what about the outside', we hear you say? Neutra is designed to be a safe neutral liquid detergent for cleaning a range of exterior surfaces. Neutra can be used to clean most types of surfaces eg. painted, polished aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, polished alloy & metals, vinyl and fabrics without corrosion or damage.

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Neutra is a light yellow, viscous aqueous blend of chelating and sequestering agents, food grade & environmentally enhanced hydrotrope-polysurfactant with rinse aid.  


Neutra removes wine-colour lm, protein and many types of organic soils and is a multi- purpose cleaner of a variety of surfaces whilst in aqueous solution. 

Principal Features

  • Supports WH&S: Low toxicity, no reactivity, no toxic vapour, non-DG for transport & handling.
  • Readily soluble in water in all proportions.
  • Excellent cleaning of many hard surfaces including paint, glass, rubbers, concrete, tiles and aluminium.
  • Low to moderate foaming properties, non-corrosive to surfaces. 
  • Rinses cleanly with potable water at ambient temperature.
  • Surfaces are streak, spot free and pH neutral. 

U.N. References

Class   Not applicable
Code   Not required


Food Codex FSANZ Standard
Meets HACCP Food Safety programmes
Meets DAFF/AQIS/OFA Schedule of Approved Materials for Organic Food Surface Sanitation 1/7/2009


5 kg HDPE bottles


Appearance A translucent, natural light yellow, viscous liquid
pH 8.0-9.25
Odour Low, detergent
Solubility In water, all proportions
Flammability non-flammable
BP 95-100 ºC
Other Contains no GMO, phosphate, halogens, silicate, hydrocarbon or sodium