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Linvasan® is a tartaric peroxyacid sanitiser, that won't taint and is low-odour compared with traditional acetic acid sanitisers.  It is effective at neutralising bacteria, yeast and other microbes from your steel and no rinsing is required after application.

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A clear, fine liquid with mild peroxide-acid odour.  It is a balanced and stabilised tartaric peroxyacid.


Linvasan® is an acid-oxidising sanitiser of bacteria, yeast and other microbes with a neautralisation of incidental surface chloride for stainless steel and associated surfaces, HDPE/PP plastics, glass and flexible wine transfer hoses.

Principal Features

  • Supports WH&S.
  • Non-fuming, low pungency, no aqueous reactivity and no toxic vapour in use.
  • Aqueous sanitising solutions are odourless and low foaming for fast dispersion.
  • Can be used with many CIP systems, associated hoses and fittings.
  • Low foaming and non-wetting properties, non-corrosive to surfaces, does not form or build surface films.
  • Rinses cleanly with potable water at ambient temperature.
  • Prevents any lime-scale build on equipment and eliminates any over time.
  • Highly biodegradable with low COD.

U.N. References

Class   8 Corrosive (acid), sub risk 5.1 Oxidising. 
Code   3093


Food Codex FSANZ Standards
Meets the requirements of HACCP Food Safety programmes
Meets DAFF/AQIS/OFA Schedule of Approved Materials for Organic Food Surface Sanitation 01/07/2009


15 kg HDPE DG cube
200 kg HDPE DG drum


Appearance clear, colourless, fine liquid
pH <2.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Odour low, acid-hydrogen peroxide
Solubility in water, all proportions
Flammability non-flammable
Other contains no GMO, phosphate, halogen compounds, silicate, hydrocarbons or sodium