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Destainex is our most popular cleaner and sanitiser and is our ultimate multipurpose cleaning tool.  It is non-dangerous, odourless and doesn't taint, so you can be sure it is safe to use on almost any surface.  It removes colour, protein stains, mould/mildew, organic soils, off-odours and also has an oxidising agent to sanitise the cleaned surface in one process. 

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A 100% active oxy-alkaline solvent detergent powder.


Destainex in aqueous solution, cleans and removes wine-colour film, protein stains, black mould/mildew and organic soils and is a multi-purpose, foaming, oxidising cleaner of winery stainless steel, galvanised metal, concrete, HDPE, PP and other plastics, glass, flexible hose, and powder-coated painted surfaces.

Principal Features

  • One process effervescent foam cleaning and sanitising.  Reduces labour, electricity, water cost inputs.
  • Surface acid neutralisation not required.  Less chemical = cost savings.
  • Reduced corrosion from solution pH.  Lower maintenance costs.
  • Destainex exhibits high-quality free-rinsing properties.  The result is cleaner surfaces.
  • Better WH&S as a non-dangerous product.  Low VOC for HACCP improvements.
  • Reduced safety equipment and maintenance.  Low supervision costs.
  • Versatile, able to be used for many on-site general purpose cleaning applications.
  • Provides oxidative anti-microbial properties.  Neutralises odours.
  • Better environmental effluent with no odour, low COD, reduced salt, biodegrades in <30 days.

U.N. References

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Food Codex FSANZ Standards
Meets DAFF/AQIS/OFA Schedule of Approved Materials for Organic Food Surface Sanitation 01/07/2009


15 kg carton of 3 x 5 kg LDPE bags
15 kg HDPE pail


Appearance a white granular solid
pH 10.5 - 10.9 (1% aqueous solution)
Odour mild, detergent
Solubility in water to ~10%
Flammability non-flammable
Other contains no GMO, phosphate, halogen compounds, chlorine, hydroxides or silicate