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Cleanskin®-K is a potassium-based, powder cleaner that has been developed as a product for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of effluent waste yet still want to effectively and quickly produce the same high quality clean offered from standard Cleanskin®.

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A 100% active potassium alkaline detergent powder.


A single process CIP product, used in dilution with either ambient or hot water to clean and remove wine tartar, colour, protein and all organic soils from internal surfaces of stainless steel and associated hard and flexible surfaces and as a multi-use general purpose cleaning agent.

Principal Features

  • One process.  Reduces labour time, electricity consumption and water cost inputs by ~30%
  • Surface acid neutralisation not required.  Fewer chemicals = cost savings.
  • Reduced corrosion from solution pH.  Lower maintenance costs.
  • Cleanskin®-K is free-rinsing.  The result is cleaner surfaces.
  • Better WH&S as a non-dangerous product.  Low VOC for HACCP improvements.
  • Staff training for one product only = improved productivity.
  • Reduced safety equipment maintenance.  Reduced supervision costs.
  • Versatile, able to be used for many on-site general purpose cleaning applications.
  • Better environmental effluent with no odour, lower COD, reduced salt, biodegrades in <30 days.

U.N. References

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Food Codex FSANZ Standards
Meets DAFF/AQIS/OFA Schedule of Approved Materials for Organic Food Surface Sanitation 01/07/2009


15 kg carton of 3 x 5 kg LDPE bags
15 kg HDPE pail
200 kg drum


Appearance cream-white particulate solid
pH 11.0 - 11.5 (1% w/v aqueous solution)
Odour mild
Solubility in water to ~10%
Flammability non-flammable
Other contains no GMO, phosphate, halogen compounds, chlorine, silicate or hydroxides